One Plus One

Seems business is getting better and better for OnePlus as they are now opening up the flood gates on Tuesdays all day for customers can order either a 16GB or 64GB OnePlus One model. It will be interesting to see how this works out tomorrow and how much a demand they will get each and every week. I know I have a couple of friends that are trying to get their hands on one so we will see how this plays out.

Every Tuesday, we will open up sales for 24 hours, starting at 8 am London time (midnight in Los Angeles; 4 pm in Hong Kong). The OnePlus One will be available without an invite in both 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone Black.

Read more on their blog and be ready to grab one tomorrow if you been hunting patiently for one. If you want to read about everything OnePlus we covered thus far including reviews check here.

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