If you are interested in the upcoming PS4 exclusive “The Order: 1886” or just like free stuff you have the opportunity to get a free dynamic PS4 theme of the game. All you have to do is navigate through the interactive website and learn some history of the game and once you finish you will get a PS4 code to redeem on February 17th. If you aren’t interested in doing all that you can easily click and close the windows. I myself wanted some of the videos and grabbed a couple of wallpapers for my desktop along the way.

The Order 1886 Ps4 Theme

It was originally slated to come out last year but got pushed to this year. I watched my colleague Mike play it back at a Sony event a few months back and it looks pretty awesome with the different kind of weapons being utilized.

Going back to the free code I will point out is that the PS4 theme is only open to North America PS4 owners, so sorry my international friends.

The Order: 1886 will be available on February 20th and exclusively on the PS4.

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