OnePlus Celebrates Anniversary With No Invites Needed and $14.99 PowerBank


OnePlus has made waves in the mobile industry for most of 2014 with its great smartphone known as the OnePlus One but also waves for making it an invite only product to purchase. The phone has been critically acclaimed but the marketing behind it has been shunned with various acts ranging from destroying your own phone to having females take risque pictures just for invites. In the end I think OnePlus is learning and has seen been getting better with marketing their product and even occasionally having open timeframes to purchase the OnePlus(like today).

So to celebrate their 1 year anniversary they have made it open to the public to purchase a OnePlus One without any invite and also have annouced their OTG Cable for the ability to connect devices such as portable hard drives, mice or whatever else you desire. Also revealed is they will have a 10,000mAh Power Bank for the low price of $14.99. While its not available yet, all we know is that it will be coming in 2015. Will be interesting to see how it holds up at such a low price.

The company has been making strives all year and it will be nice to see what they have planned for 2015.

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