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G Style Magazine Holiday Giveaway 2015: Let’s Go Wireless! *Closed*


Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was relaxing and pleasant! Now that you’ve given thanks, maybe picked up some present or a few cool ideas on Black Friday; we are now a few weeks away from the next major holiday. If we are a regular reader of G Style Magazine, you know that every year during the month of December we love to do giveaways all month! While we do have giveaways throughout the year, this is the month where we are full on in giveaway mode, and for the last several years our sponsor for this has been Astro Gaming. We are happy to say that Astro Gaming will once again be sponsoring this month’s holiday giveaway.

AstroGamingA50 Astro Gaming is the maker of premium gaming headsets starting with their completely wireless A50 model the A50. The A50 is a wireless gaming headset that gives you 7.1 Dolby Digital, EQ audio modes, and operates in the 5.8Ghz range. Then if you want to go mobile, you have the A38. The A38 features wireless Bluetooth 3.0, active Noise canceling Speakers & Mic, perfect for mobile games and music. This is a great headset to use with your tablet, laptop, or smartphones.

AstroGamingA38-Give But why just tell you about these great pairs of gaming headset, when we could just give you the chance to experience them first hand yourself. All month will we be giving aways a pair of the latest A50s or a pair of the mobile focused A38s! Here is what you need to do for a chance to win.

Giveaway Entry Rules:

1. Follow us on Twitter @GStyleMagazine and/or (if you have both) Instagram @GStyleMagazine. *Be sure to reference those twitter/instagram names in your comment*

2. Leave a comment on this post letting us know what system you are getting this year or have (or want) AND what is the top game you want/have for this system.

3. We will be choosing a winner each week who comment on this post. Each week we’ll choose a winner from the list of valid participants.

*** Giveaway Disclosure: Giveaway is open to United States residents only. One entry per contestant!

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  1. I am always on the go, so I do not own a console. However, I would like to have a Playstation 4. The game I want is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. I would like the headset to be able to chat with my friends and have fun. Instagram – ENIGMATIC_WORLD

  2. i follow on twitter as @sgumer and have an xbox one but plan to get a ps4 this holiday season as well. my favorite game right now is fifa 15.

  3. Twitter: @SerK_x
    Recently picked up an Xbox One and Advanced Warfare, those A50s would prove quite handy to stay on top of my game ;)
    Or even the A38s for some mobile tunes!
    Thanks for doing this guys, appreciate the willingness to give back

  4. i follow on twitter as @duncansg76. i want to get a PS4 and would love to get destiny and play it because i have heard such good things about it.

  5. Twitter @teampwnage Instagram : teampwnage_ig (follow you on both)

    hey guys, awesome giveaway. i have a PS4 and so far the best game that I cant stop playing is Destiny.

  6. twitter:jaybkmac instagram: mac_rivers

    hey whats up guys , i have a ps4 and my most favored game is absolutely any battle field game lol , happy holidays :-)

  7. I would love to get a decent headset . I continue to buy expensive headsets for my Sony gaming consoles but they never last for more then a year. I just wish a company could/would make a decent headset without creating a ton of hype and no delivering a solid unit for my ps4, so I could play my Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare/Destiny and be impressed.

  8. I’ve wanted to purchase Far Cry 4 for my PS4 ever since I played the last iteration of Ubisoft’s series on a friend’s PS3. I’ve been told that the sound mixing in this game has been phenomenal, especially when paired with a good headset, so since I will be picking up my own copy very soon, I would like to take in the whole entity of Kyrat that is offered to me. As a gamer, that’s what always creates the experience for myself, regardless of actual gameplay or criticism.

    Instagram: rtkg221

  9. Hey my name is Shane, I want a Ps4 with Far Cry 4 and assassin creed 5 unity. I really need that headset because I don’t have a headset!

    Tweet: @blackfangs13

  10. Instagram: exvndy
    Twitter: exvndy

    I have a day one Xbox One but my Mic and Kinect are both broke so I can’t talk to anyone and most importantly my clans during clanwars/raids , etc

    My top games are destiny,advanced warfare and battlefield 4.. all could be so much better and more fun with an actual headset like the Astros.

    – Andrew

  11. I really want a new pc because I can not do anything on mine. I would also love to get Starcraft II to play with my friends! Looking forwards to the new Startcraft expansion :)

  12. ig: jeffreyyy_
    twitter: shyssteth

    have xbox one. destiny has been keeping me pretty busy. halo mcc has so much potential but still buggy!

  13. I have a Xbox one and my top game is Halo: MCC. Halo all the way and I’m looking forward to Metal Gear Solid V coming out soon! Twitter: IGIhost IG: Jonnn_is_ghost

  14. I have an XB1 and I want to get pro at Halo MCC, so i got it.
    Plan on going Wii U for Smash though
    Twitter : Exaltedtm

  15. I got an xbox one, got it early! Top game and pretty much only game is COD: Advanced Warfare!
    Twitter: @BrianIMdiesel
    Instagram: bipple305


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