Killer Instinct Returns for More Combos with Season 2


With one year of XBOX ONE almost in the books, this also ushers in a new year or rather new season of Killer Instinct. Just like last year you can download the game for free via XBOX Live and either randomly select characters or purchase packs to gain access to all to them all. With this new season the team at Microsoft Studios and Iron Galaxy are looking to bring you familiar faces and new ones such as Maya(shown alongside additional gaming modes. New Moves, Rebalancing of older characters and a progression are on tap this time around.

Depending on how you want to play it there are two bundles that will be available where are listed below:

Killer Instinct: Season 2 – Ultra Edition ($39.99)
The Ultra Edition includes all eight Season 2 fighters, starting with the release of TJ Combo and Maya on launch day with the remaining six Season 2 fighters rolling out on a monthly basis starting in November. Fans receive 16 accessory sets and 8 exclusive costumes designed by Kevin Bayliss, art director for the original Killer Instinct arcade games, in addition to Killer Instinct 2 Classic (ESRB: M “Mature”), a perfect port of the 1996 arcade game with full multiplayer support over Xbox Live and 1000 Gamerscore to earn. Even more, owners of the Season 2 Ultra Edition will get initial access to characters and customization items before they’re available to Combo Breaker Pack owners or for individual sale starting in November.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 – Combo Breaker Pack ($19.99)
Purchase all eight fighters up front at a significant discount over the individual character price. Play TJ Combo and Maya immediately on launch day, with the remaining six Season 2 fighters rolling out on a monthly basis.

Killer Instinct: Season 2 Characters a-la-carte ($4.99)
Individual characters from the Season 2 roster will be available for purchase after they have been released for both the Ultra Edition and Combo Breaker Pack. Characters will appear on a regular schedule for you to purchase, starting with TJ Combo and Maya.

Killer Instinct Season 2 is ready to hit exclusively on XBOX ONE on Wednesday October 15