Right now when it comes to gadgets, my eyes are on the wearable space and smart home features. And when it comes to wearables is at the top of that list. When Google introduced Android Wear, my eyes were wide open for this. However the devices announced by Samsung and LG didn’t really get me going. The idea of Android Wear was cool, but the look left me not really fiending for them. This changed when I saw the Moto 360. This was the smartwatch I wanted to see in person, get my hands on, and give it a spin. However I clearly wasn’t the only one as it has been quite hard to get, being sold out pretty much anywhere you might have tried to buy it. But now that I’ve got it, and have used it for the last two weeks, am I still as hyped about it now as I was when I couldn’t get my hands on it. Let’s see.


First off Motorola has done an incredible job on the look of this watch. Even with the announcement of the Apple watch which fanboys are lauding as doing the smartwatch right, I still think the Moto 360 takes the prize for BEST looking smartwatch now. This of course can change, but for now, this is the watch you want on your wrist. The Moto 360 looks very much like a normal watch in its design, bringing the circle look of traditional watches to this one. The first two looks, came in Black/Black Leather band, and Sliver/Stone Gray Leather color. Later on Motorola will be bringing steel bands to the fold, and I’m hoping the Black steel band will look great with the one I’m using. The leather is nice, but I think steel will make it just pop!

As with smartphones, the screen is the main feature here. The design around the screen  looks good, and makes for a very sexy looking watch, but let’s get to the screen. Fortunately for Motorola, the screen looks great. I can see the alerts, times, and other information with no problem at all. It even looks good while using it. The only minor negative here is the cut off of the screen at the button of the circle. This has been the cause of some controversy, but honestly after a day or so you don’t pay attention to it really. If this is a deal breaker for you, I understand but you are passing up on one great device for something minor. I know when I use it, I don’t even pay attention to it when looking at my incoming notifications. But that this is the only issue I have with the looks of the Moto 360 says a lot. Design wise Motorola nailed it. Shoot I keep my sleeves back some, so I can let it show and shine!

The OS, The Tech

This is the first Android Wear device I’ve used. And realistically since the OS is the same really across the board, I don’t think I need a comparison of OS software from device to device. Android Wear in its current stand is pretty cool. Google Now clearly is the spotlight of this smartwatch, and it stands in that spotlight quite well. Google Now is made for the wrist. It works great on smartphones, but you constantly have to take out your phone to see it. But on your wrist….man this is how you should be interacting with Google Now! Information pops up when I need it, and when I look at the time, I can also get other bit size information in that glance. Emails alerts, SMS message, Hangout messages, and more. I can pick up or reject a call all before I reach for my phone (though I don’t suggest swiping answer the call before you have taken your phone out lol).

Watch sports? This is a current favorite of mine, as since I follow one of my teams with Google Now, when the next game is a few days out, the Moto 360 will pop up the notification for it. This definitely helps me remember to watch the game or right from the Moto 360 set up a reminder for myself for that game time. Android Wear in its current form does have its limitations, but such great potential. And for what it can do now, it does some very well and in such a visual way! Android Wear can only get better as has Android itself over time. I stay excited for what is to come!


When it comes to experience, the first thing I need to jump into is the battery life. Let’s get this off my chest from the very start; I wish the battery charge was longer. This isn’t the say it is bad, but I would love the Moto 360 to have a charge that can last you at least 2-3 days. I mean come out this is the company who makes the phone with the MOST long-lasting battery in a phone with the Motorola DROID MAXX. Take some of that battery mojo and apply it to the Moto 360. Now with that being said, the battery on the 360 went from bad to better, to decent in the course of a week. When I slapped it on the wrist for day one, I was down to 20% by 2 or 3pm in the afternoon. But as the week progress, and a subsequent software update happened the battery became progressively better. By end of the week, at the same 2 or 3pm time frame my batter was still about 50-60%. I was also able to last longer on a charge. First night until 9pm, by end of the week I was making it to 12am. Again I wish it the battery charge was longer, but I am able to get a full day out with it. Just don’t plan on hitting the club at night.

Beyond battery my experience with the Moto 360 has been great. I love this thing! I love being able to quickly glance at an email and open it on my phone if I really want to get into it, or quickly deleted it if is junk. I love getting my SMS text and Google Hangout messages on the wrist, and being able to reply back with voice. I felt so like Micheal Knight when I did that by the way, and loved every minute of it. After the last two-week, do I see myself putting the Moto 360 down? Nope, not at all. This is a stable on my wrist now, so get used to it!

Wrap Up

The Motorola Moto 360 runs for $249.99 and now you can TRY to get one at Best Buy, Motorola.com, and the Google Play store. I say “try”, because getting one has been everything but easy. If you are looking to get a smartwatch, and one running Android Wear specifically you definitely want the Moto 360. Yes battery life should be longer than a full day, and yes it has that cut off thing at the bottom of the screen; but look battery is what it is right now with all of them, and that cut off won’t even be on your mind after a day or so. I say if you can find one available, jump on it. Trust it won’t be there for long as you decide!

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