After having a quiet summer as far as new products is concerned SOL REPUBLIC looks to come out of nowhere and deliver a one-two punch. Last week they announced the SOL REPUBLIC PUNK which is a new tiny wireless speaker that provides more portability than before and sound cranks louder than it the SOL REPUBLIC DECK. But they didn’t want to leave the DECK line in the dust and have just announced its successor which is named the SOL REPUBLIC ULTRA. We got to sit down a couple of weeks back and have a listen to it and the DECK ULTRA pumps out crazy sound.

They managed to quadruple the wireless range and make its 2x louder and battery life even longer with 22+ hours. It still features one of my favorite modes which is “Heist Mode” and lets you and five friends take turns being the DJ. If you are interested in the DECK ULTRA by SOL REPUBLIC it will be available in two colors and at various retailers that are listed below for $149.99. If you want to read more about the SOL REPUBLIC DECK ULTRA you can check out the presser below.

SOL REPUBLIC DECK ULTRA is available now in Gunmetal and Horizon Blue for $149.99 at Best Buy, and other leading nationwide retailers




DECK ULTRA offers shocking loudness, all-day battery life and extended wireless range and makes music social again with Heist Mode™

San Francisco, CA – September 30, 2014: Sharing a commitment to enhance music experiences, SOL REPUBLIC and Motorola announce the DECK ULTRA wireless Bluetooth speaker. Thunderously loud and feature-packed, this portable speaker brings every party to life. DECK ULTRA doubled-down by taking all the amazing features of its predecessor, DECK, and made them even better with 2x the loudness, 2x the battery life and another 100 feet of wireless range. The 450-foot wireless range lets anyone within a football-field radius share their music, while an impressive 22-hour battery life keeps the party going all night, with enough juice left over to get you through cleanup the next day. Your cell will need a recharge before DECK ULTRA ever does. Accompanying these enhancements is fan-favorite feature Heist Mode™, which allows five friends to sync to DECK ULTRA at the same time so they can take turns being the DJ.


“Sometimes more is better. DECK ULTRA is all about excessive loudness, insane range and a battery life you don’t have to worry about,” said Kevin Lee, CEO and co-founder, SOL REPUBLIC. “We packed big speaker sound into a portable powerhouse so music fans can crank it up, whether they’re at home or on the go.”


DECK ULTRA is one of the few speakers on the market that has big, 360-degree sound without the big form factor. It is small enough to fit into any bag so you can bring loud with you. Twice as loud as the original DECK, or any other speaker on the market, DECK ULTRA also has a giant bass port to deliver SOL REPUBLIC’s signature sound with bass so powerful that you can feel it. And when you need a Bluetooth speaker that’s loud enough for a tailgate, the beach or a skate park, DECK ULTRA delivers thanks to its proprietary Outdoor Boost, which optimizes sound to make your music dominant even in loud, outdoor environments.


No one wants to interrupt an epic night because you lost your Bluetooth connection or cut it short because the battery died. DECK ULTRA’s Super Power Wireless™ capability uses the most powerful and reliable Bluetooth technology available and it lets you play music up to an astonishing 450 feet away from your device. The time has come for a wireless speaker that doesn’t need your phone right next to it to play. With Super Power Wireless, DECK ULTRA allows anyone, anywhere to be the DJ.


Increased Bluetooth range and extended battery life? Check. But what really makes DECK ULTRA different is SOL REPUBLIC’s signature Heist Mode technology, which lets up to five friends simultaneously sync and take turns controlling the music. Gone are the days where the party goes on pause while you wait for your friend to unpair his phone or, worse, the party comes to a halt while you’re stuck suffering through someone’s tired playlist. Simply sync alongside your friends and heist those mood-killing slow jams with a fresh beat to take your event to the next level. Seamlessly switch between songs, playlists and even DJs via NFC or your iPhone’s Bluetooth function. Game-changing Heist Mode, only found in SOL REPUBLIC Bluetooth speakers, provides music lovers the ideal shared music experience. After all, five DJs are better than one.


Slim and portable, throw DECK ULTRA in your bag so you have it anytime you want to blast your music louder and longer. DECK ULTRA also features Line-In and Line-Out ports that let you connect, via 3.5mm cable, to non-Bluetooth devices or use DECK ULTRA as a Bluetooth hub for your home or car stereo for the ultimate wireless control. And don’t think your impromptu party means your phone is out of commission. Incoming calls are crystal clear when DECK ULTRA doubles as a powerful speakerphone for when you get a call. Music is immediately paused and, once you hang up, DECK ULTRA picks up right where it left off getting you back to your music.


DECK ULTRA is available now in Gunmetal and Horizon Blue for $149.99 at Best Buy, and other leading nationwide retailers.



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