Monster Enters Multiroom Audio Speaker Arena with SoundStage

Monster Soundstage

Today Monster announces it will be joining the Multi-room wireless speaker arena with the SoundStage wireless system. Where you used to only be able to have Pure Monster Sound either pumping through your headphones or in a smaller portable speaker, now you can have it blasting through various speakers at the same time. The name SoundStage is derived from software algorithms to synthesize a larger sound stage and Monster has also teamed up with Qualcomm to use their Qualcomm® AllPlay technology to assist with better streaming and syncing of the devices.

Pricing will be for three speakers — the Models S1 (SRP $199.95), Models S2 (SRP $299.95) and the S3 (SRP $399.95). They will all be available beginning October 25 in the U.S.


Monster Soundstage Connections

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Shh. The Performance is About to Begin.




Wireless Home Audio Redefined: With Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Capabilities,
Monster® SoundStage™ Streams Music Throughout the Home — All from Your Smartphone or Tablet

Berlin, Germany, September 4, 2014 – Monster, creator of the Beats® sound that redefined headphone audio, is now changing the game in the wireless home speaker market.


With the launch of the breakthrough Monster® SoundStage™ wireless music system, consumers now have a solution for bringing Pure Monster Sound™ to every room in the home. Pure Monster Sound is a proprietary, well-balanced, audio signature that offers the full experience of live music, with extreme clarity, tight articulation and deep pounding bass that brings out all the dynamics and impact of an artist’s performance. At launch, Monster will offer three speakers — the Models S1 (SRP $199.95), Models S2 (SRP $299.95) and the S3 (SRP $399.95). They will all be available beginning October 25 in the U.S.


By virtue of Monster engineered advanced technologies, SoundStage creates a sense of space that goes way beyond the size of the speakers. It is not just an ordinary box speaker. With its elegant leather top surface (in S3 Model) and sleek, ultra-slim design, the SoundStage speakers present a minimal footprint. Because their shape is neither rectangular, triangular, nor boxy, they will appeal to the person who has a sense of architectural design. The speakers will be a welcome addition to other objects in the room. Even with its modern super thin advanced design, SoundStage propagates incredible sounds.


Anything that you can do on your phone with audio can be enjoyed more with Monster SoundStage. By downloading the free SoundStage app, the controls are all in your phone.Dual wireless technology with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, SoundStage™ merges a home’s entire audio network wirelessly and seamlessly, which allows you to enjoy great-sounding music from virtually any source – with just a special SoundStage App for streaming from a smartphone or tablet at the touch of a button.


Innovative Technologies Set SoundStage Apart from All Competitors
The accumulated expertise of Monster’s world-class engineers come together in SoundStage, which features leading-edge technologies. Monster used software algorithms to synthesize a larger sound stage (which became the basis for the product name). Newly designed front drivers that work together with rear-firing, high-powered bass drivers create a stunningly full and rich sound. Among the key innovative technologies for SoundStage is the inclusion of the new Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform, a product of Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, which is key to allowing the system to seamlessly stream high-quality local and cloud-based content with high performance Wi-Fi connectivity. AllPlay allows SoundStage users to synchronously stream music to multiple Soundstage speakers (Party mode) or multiple songs to multiple speakers. Additionally, the content you stream can be local or native from within music service apps from Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, Soma.FM and others when available.


Head Monster Noel Lee noted: “We chose the name ‘SoundStage’ because that is exactly what it does – it creates an ideal soundstage for your music, whether you’re streaming from your phone to the single speaker in a room or to multiple rooms around the house, SoundStage provides incredible sound with plug and play simplicity. The SoundStage system is quite simply whole home wireless home audio re-defined. You can now enjoy the sound of live music in your home, without any wires, fuss or setup anxiety. Best of all, SoundStage is so simple to set up and use that nothing gets between you and the music you love!”


“The interoperability provided by Qualcomm AllPlay to companies like Monster allows us to work together to continue to evolve and redefine the industry through products such as their SoundStage system,” said Rob Chandhok, President of Qualcomm Connected Experiences. “By integrating AllPlay into its Soundstage system, Monster will be able to provide the high quality seamless streaming experience we know Monster fans are seeking.”
Specialized Smartphone App for Total Ease of Setup and Multi-Room Control


SoundStage is designed to make it easy to integrate all your music devices into a single, wireless hub. With the SoundStage app you can access media from all the devices on your network. In addition, all the devices on your WiFi network running the app can collaboratively build playlists, including computers, networked drives, smartphones and more. And each device running the SoundStage app can add music to shared playlists for each speaker or speaker group in your home, and it’s easy and quick to connect multiple SoundStage speakers to your network using the
app. You can even use the app to send separate streams to different speakers simultaneously, and control playback, levels, and playlists for each group or speaker. Finally, you don’t have to re-subscribe or change anything to enjoy your favorite streaming services – if you can stream it, you can play it.


Total Connectivity
SoundStage was designed for today’s multi-tasking music lover, with connectivity options for virtually every music source. The system can be updated seamlessly from the Internet using the built-in Wi-Fi networking function a fiber optic digital (TOSLINK) for output from your TV; a standard USB Charging Port so you can charge your mobile devices; and a 3.5mm mini Stereo Audio Input that’s
compatible with virtually all of today’s music devices.