If you aren’t back in school you most likely will be next week’s time. We know there is always that little extra you need throughout the year to help and here we have accessories that can help with your mobile lifestyle, or keep you entertained or your mind at ease when all that busy studying. Hopefully these accessories will do the trick and make the school year the best it can be for you.

Knomo Knomad Mini

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If you have a lot of tech going on in your life most likely you have bags and cases all over. The Knomad Mini by Knomo is a great way to organize your mobile lifestyle. It has a large compartment for a 8″ tablet, a slot for a mobile phone, battery pack and also spots for business cards, a pen and USB card. Now depending on how you roll these options can change for you but they still work accordingly. For a better example check my review. The Knomad Mini besides just storing your gadgets keeps them nice and secure as well. Also worst case scenario you left your Knomad Mini lying around you can located with the included MyKnomoID # that comes in each of their products.

Price: $59.99


Tylt Energi 10K

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Going through classes and classes sometimes you get caught up and forget to charge your devices. Worst case scenario is there are outlets that are taken up. With the Energi 10K by Tylt you get a massive 10,400mAh battery which can charge your average smartphone 4x over. If you have multiple devices or a colleague in need even better as it has three USB compartments. It always comes through in the clutch and keeps your day going. If 10K is too much there is Energi 5K options as well.

Price: $99


Amazon Fire TV

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All your media entertainment can be had this little box Amazon calls Fire TV. It has access to 100s of apps on it such as WWE Network, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and the list goes on. Heck you can even play games on it such as Minion Rush, GTA or Minecraft and others. Depending on the game can be done just with the included remote. It’s very small and discreet and can be used with a hard-wired connection if your wireless is spotty.

Price: $99(Right now $84.99)


Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse

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If its small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, imagine how much space you will save. The Ultrathin Touch Mouse by Logitech is one of the lighter, thinnest mice on the market today. You can find it anything from your bags to your pocket and not worry about bulk. While there have been small mice they never been this thin and easy to conceal. It has the ability to sync up to two bluetooth devices and all you have to is flick the switch on the bottom. It has a couple of gestures to work with Windows 8 as well.

Price: $69.99($49.99 on Amazon)



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If you want to get the best bang for your buck, the Chromecast by Google will give you even more. The Chromecast is compatible with tons of apps from HBO Go, HuluPlus, Google Play Music and can be accessed all from your smartphone. All you do is set up the tiny Chromecast dongle to your TV via your smartphone and you are good to go. You can run the apps on your mobile device and continue doing other stuff without any interruption. Just make sure you are connected to a WIFI connection. It’s the cheapest thing out there but also one of the best.



Seagate Central

Back to School Accessories (1) We all know people like to share content and want to be able to access it whenever they can. Sure there are options such as Dropbox, OneDrive and others but what if you don’t want to use those or pay monthly subscriptions. There is the Seagate Central which allows you to create your own cloud storage that you connect to your wireless network. Once you do that you can access it anywhere and on anything. Whether you have a mobile device or a PC the access is there and never restricted. They have sizes that start at 2TB and go all the way up to 5TB. Also great for setting up backups for your PC/MAC.

Price: Starting at $129.99


Anker USB 5 Port Charger

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If you are around a bunch of people and fighting over outlets this is a no-brainer to have. You can charge up to 5 devices at once all of one outlet. Believe me I used this in my travels going to CES this past year so it can definitely work wonders. I mean even if you aren’t around a bunch of folks you just may have a bunch of devices. Tablets, smartphones, battery packs and who knows what else is in your arsenal. Anker has some cool tech built-in so it recognizes what type of phone you are using and makes sure it’s charged sufficiently.

Price: $26


Jumper Card

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Looks maybe deceiving but the Jumper Card can end up being a lifesaver. It’s a transfer adapter of sorts you can connect it to any iPhone since it has the old 30-Pin and Lightning connections and also can be used with Android devices with its MicroUSB port. It can help when you don’t feel like carrying around bundles of wiring and can slip this in your pocket or wallet and always have it. It even can supply you with just a little bit of battery power in case of emergencies as it holds a 480mAh charge. While that’s not a lot it can be a blessing in disguise when needed.

Price $34


Tablet Travel Express by WaterField

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Made of high quality materials straight out of the U.S., Waterfield has a sleeve/case designated just for your tablet. It has a great nylon finish on the outside and on the inside there is protection for your tablet and even pockets to fit wires, a smartphone, battery pack and even a small point & shoot camera. I used it mostly for the Surface Pro 3 with type cover attached, smartphone, and battery packs. You be surprised how much this case can hold inside and still look slim on the outside. There are options to add straps which may cost a bit more but that’s all based on your preference. I opted for the straps as I hate carrying around stuff in my arm sometimes and worked like a charm.

Price: Starting at $79