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Samsung Goes Metal with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

After rumors of Samsung coming out with a metal phone with code names such as the Samsung Galaxy F and Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, Samsung has pulled the curtain on what will be called the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. What’s interesting about the Galaxy Alpha is its not a full metal phone but has a metal trim around the borders ala iPhone. Specs itself don’t even leave it in the high end tier. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is going to be pretty slim(6.7mm) and will have a 4.7” HD Super AMOLED 720p display. Also it will have a 1,860mAh battery, 12MP camera, 32GB storage(no microSD slot), 2GB RAM and either a quad core or octa core processor.

It’s set to arrive in September and of course the size and specs are set to size it up with the upcoming iPhone 6 models. I imagine this will take on the rumored smaller version while the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will take on the larger rumored iPhone model. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is supposed to be “the evolution of Galaxy Design” but that remains to be seen. This styling will most likely be brought on to future versions(and maybe the Galaxy Note 4) as Samsung usually does with its mobile devices whether it smartphone or tablet.


You can check out the Galaxy Alpha in all its glory below.

If you are a iPhone user waiting for the iPhone 6 will this deter your path?

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  1. Hmmz… If this was before I got my iPhone 5S I would be impressed but now it seems like a wannabe. I would give it a test drive and put it up against my 5S or 6 but in the end it would come down to whether I preferred iOS or Android. Just a little taken aback at how much it looks like an iPhone. You can’t be the Next Big Thing if you’re just releasing someone elses last big thing… *shrugs*


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