Sony Showing Exclusive Games at Gamescom 2014


Sony continues to show off the best of their new game titles coming for the 4th quarter, holiday and 2015. Sony showed off some great new titles and some that we’ve already seen but wouldn’t mind seeing again and again. From the looks of things, Sony is trying to be king especially after touting 10 million PS4 consoles sold since it’s release last year (Xbox has not released their sales numbers as of yet). If you missed the Sony portion of Gamescom 2014 live you can still watch the replay at PlayStation.Blog.

ps4Keep in mind that some of the games that you’ll see at the Gamescom conference may or may not be available in North America (at least not right away).Gamescom has a focus on the European market primarily. Does that mean that what Sony showed off today doesn’t apply to North America in some way? NO. It just means that this is the European version of the E3 and what we see here should probably be available here in the states just the same just at a different time. We enjoyed the show nonetheless and picked out our favorite games and trailers.

Some of the most notable games to look out for that we thought were the best are:

Infamous: First Light
The Tomorrow Children
Until Dawn
MGS:V (Metal Gear Solid V)
FarCry 4
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Also Sony announced a big system update for PS4 owners that adds a feature called SharePlay which essentially allows players to invite other players into a game, even games they don’t own. This added feature will change how PS4 owners game and it’s expected in the new v2.00 update. There are additional features that are being added to the update overall but none more significant than SharePlay so look out for that.

Cool new trailers from games previously announced like “The Order 1886”, “DriveClub” and especially the new “Destiny” Multiplayer trailer were shown as well as some of the new titles expected in the upcoming months. Check out a few of the trailers below:

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