FREE MYND |Beyoncé Inspired Short Dance Film by Parris Goebel

If you’re a fan of dance, you may be familiar with the show America’s Best Dance Crew. Season 6 introduced us to ReQuest Dance Crew which sadly got eliminated episode 4. One of the downsides of the show was that you didn’t always get a true sense of the individual talents of each dancer. This is the case with ReQuest Crew member, Parris Goebel.

Beyoncé is among the most creative artists of our time. She’s proved that undoubtedly with her latest album, accompanying music videos, and current OTR tour. I’ve watched a lot of dancers and choreographers interpret their favorite Bey track, and some videos were actually pretty good. What I didn’t expect was to see it interpreted in a way that can only be defined as a work of art.

Take 30 minutes out of your day to watch Parris Goebel’s artistic interpretation of Beyoncé’s latest album. It will exceed any expectation you may have.