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Variety is the spice of life. When it comes to gadgets, I love to play with a bunch of different ones and run them through the paces. But when it comes down to it, there are a few gadgets that are tried and true. These are the ones I find myself using on the regular. For headphones these are the Sol Republic Tracks Air. Great quality sound, completely wireless, and cost-effective to own. But when summer is here, on-ear headphones can tend to grow uncomfortable as the temperature rises. Sweat makes for definite uncomfortable listening, so I need something I can use during these summer months. I found this something in the Plantronics Backbeat FIT Bluetooth ear-buds.

The Backbeat FIT ear-buds are made for use in the gym. There are wireless so no cables to deal with or get in your way, and they make perfect sense when you are working out and need something that stays in your ears and doesn’t get in your way. And for this purpose they are awesome. But I have found an expanded use for them; they have become my official summertime ear-buds. No need to worry about sweat around the ears since there is nothing covering them. I have the no hassle of cables since they are Bluetooth. And because of the way they are made, they can be folded up and placed in my pocket or somewhere else pretty quickly and easily. This is perfect for the summer.



Plantronics Backbeat FIT Bluetooth ear-buds Review - side view The Backbeat FIT pair I receive was of course in a color I live by Blue, but also come in a neon Green color. the ear-buds is a very simple design. It has an elastic rubber feel (don’t try to stretch it though) with two ear-buds on each side. The design does have a reflective quality to it so if you plan to use at night you should be seen with these on. On the outside of each bud, there are controls. Everything is flush with the unit, so it is all very slim and sleek. Plantronics did a great job with how this was designed. It looks great but very functions in how you interact with it.



Plantronics Backbeat FIT Bluetooth ear-buds Review - music controls As mentioned above these are Bluetooth ear-buds. Everything you need to use them are contained in the unit itself, no extra pieces. You simple connect to your device and your good to go. On the left ear-bud you’ll find your Play/Pause, Forward/Rewind, and volume controls. On your right ear-bud you’ll find the Power On/Off and Call functions controls. All flush to the ear-buds. Nothing sticks out, looks bulky, or awkward. A real good job was done here.

Since it is Bluetooth it will work equally well with Android as it does with iOS. This is a plus as I’m able to use the full Pause/Play, and able to skip or go back a track without having to grab my music source to do it. This is always appreciated. Battery wise I’m about to get about two almost 3 days or use before I need to charge again. I mainly listen to music on the way to/from work. Not I’m using it much more than just for gym visit which is where it is expected to be used the most, so I accept that I need to charge it more than if I just use these when I went to the gym. But overall I’m happy with the battery time.


Personally I love these ear-buds. I love that they are Bluetooth, no cables! Love that they are super flexible, sometimes I just bunch it up and stuff it in my pocket when needed. And when I pull it out, there is no challenge of unraveling it because of the lack of cable. And I love how easy it is to select functions on the ear-buds whether to skip a track, adjust the volume, or answer or reject a call.

Plantronics Backbeat FIT Bluetooth ear-buds Review - carrying case
There are some issues through with the Plantronics Backbeat FIT which made not be directly because of it, but worth noting. My FIT doesn’t play nice with other Bluetooth connect devices. Specifically it doesn’t like Google Glass lol. While I’m able to use other Bluetooth headphones with Glass, when I try to use the Backbeat FIT, it either won’t connect without a bunch of trial and error or it kicks all connection of Glass off to be in the space. The Backbeat FIT doesn’t like to share, even if it uses the audio/phone and Glass uses something else like the data pass-through. So I always have to do this song and dance to get them to cooperate with each other lol. Also clearly the carrying case that can double as a armband is made only for an iPhone user. If you are an Android user and use any of the most recently devices, your phone won’t be fitting in there, so don’t even try.


Wrap Up

The Plantronics Backbeat FIT are a great pair of Bluetooth ear-buds, and I have moved them out of the gym and into everyday territory. They will cost you about $129.99 at retail prices, and for the price you get a great pair of gym ear-buds yes, but one that works equally well for everyday use.

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