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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Now Available in Intel Core i3 and i7 Models

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

When the Surface Pro 3 was first announced they stated they would come in various configurations. June rolled around and the only model available was the Core i5 versions which varied in prices from $999 to $1,299. As we are getting closer to the Fall season and its going be Back to School time Microsoft has finally made the Core i3 and Core i7 models in hands reach.

The Core i3 starts off at $799 and is more of the price range of the everyday person or that college stuff that needs to pickup and go and just get work done.

The Core i7 comes in two configurations of 256GB or 512GB with prices of $1,549.00 and $1,949. These powerful devices could be considered more for the intense user that is going to be stuff as video editing, 3D models, or maybe even some heavy gaming.


All models are available on their website or check various retailers HERE

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