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Seagate Media Channel Launches on Roku

Seagate Central and ROKU

One of the biggest media stream boxes Roku will now give you access to your Seagate Central or Wireless Plus throughout a Seagate Media Channel. So that means all that stuff you have stored on your cloud drive is accessible for easy tuning. Pretty good feature if you are a heavy user of Roku and also have a Seagate device and felt yourself tuning back and forth.

I have actually used the Seagate Central and Seagate Wireless Plus before and they are awesome for getting your data when you need them. If you want to know about more check out the presser below.

Now with the new Seagate Media Channel on Roku, pictures, video and music saved to a Seagate Central or Seagate Wireless Plus is available to enjoy from the comfort of the living room.


The Seagate Media Channel on Roku allows visual browsing of content on the drive with cover art for movies, albums, song titles for music and thumbnails for photos. Millions of people use Roku players every day to watch their favorite entertainment on demand. Now Seagate has made it easy to enjoy a personal library of music, movies, photos, and more on the big screen.


“Streaming of entertainment content continues to grow – two-thirds of U.S. broadband households currently connect a CE device to their TV sets – meaning that consumers have a wide variety of viewing options beyond traditional broadcast and pay-TV,” said Barbara Kraus, Director of Research for Parks Associates. “Roku is the most-used streaming media player in the U.S.. While Roku provides more than 1,500 channels, the new Seagate channel will enable consumers to also easily access owned content, including music, home videos, photos, and licensed movies from the same interface.


Stream HD movies, play slideshows of your vacation photos, or just keep the tunes playing from your personal music collection. To learn more about Seagate Central personal cloud storage and Seagate Wireless Plus please visit: seagate.com.

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