Back to School Special Via T-Mobile: Buy iPad & iPhone, Get $100 Off

iPad iPhone

Whether you like it or not, next month is August and its one step closer for Back to School. Depending on what area of the country you live in, you maybe back in class as soon as next month. T-Mobile has a deal from now through August 12th where if you purchase a iPad AND iPhone together they will give you $100 off the total amount. Should be great matching it up with T-Mobile’s Music Freedom which doesn’t take away from your data usage too.

T-Mobile has a few other offerings this week too with the Nokia Lumia 635 and LG G3 dropping this week. Starting on July 20th, T-Mobile will be allowing EIP(equipment installment plan) for just about all accessories. You now when you buy a smartphone you can get that accompanying pair of headphones and pay $0 and down and a low monthly rate over 24 months. Not bad T-Mobile.. Not Bad.

The iPad/iPhone promo is available now and can be done in-store or online. You can read about this and about the new EIP plans HERE