One thing I cherish more than my gadgets is my dogs. I seen cases where owners have treated their dogs like their own children. Whether its dressing them up, feeding them or even talking to them. Only thing about talking to them is they cant talk back to you and tell you how they are feeling at times. This is where Voyce wants to come in. Voyce wants to be able to let you know whats going with your dog pertaining to their health.

I got to check out Voyce and get a feel of it hands-on. It’s a rather light collar that unlatches and latches close and goes around your dog’s neck. It has an adjustable band to make sure you don’t put too much stress on the dog’s neck. Holding it in hand it’s actually pretty lightweight nad not as heavy as it looks. Once on you can keep track of your dog’s calories, heart rate, sleeping patterns, and respiratory rate. All information can be monitored on your mobile device and/or desktop. I see this great for older dogs as you know they usually develop complications later in life and hard to determine whats going on. As it could also help prevent such issues as well.

One of the reps at the Voyce booth said they have been working with veterinary places and they have been liking the Voyce device/program. You can send information right over to your vet and save a trip there. I did ask about if they had also incorporated GPS, and they said they thought about it, but it would be a battery killer as it would always need to be on. Also asked about if adding a leash and said maybe they can add an attachment in the future. Also if you decide to use Voyce it does have a membership fee per month.

If you have smaller dogs such myself with two small yorkies, you would have to wait for them to make smaller sized versions as models showcased are for necks 12″ up to 32″ as displayed below.

Pricing and Release date is still to be determined but we will make sure to keep you updated.

Would you be interested to getting one for your dog?