I grew up in the era of the receiver being the only way you’d want to hook up your surround sound system to your TV or entertainment system. I remember when Sound-Bars first came out, no one really wanted to mess with them, and the thought was “You can’t get true surround sound out of no sound-bar”. But times have changed, sound-bars had gotten better with the times, as the technology behind them matured. You add that to the shift in having gadgets that were more and more wireless, and the need to take up less space; and sound-bars have been making more sense.

Vizio- 5-1 Home Theater Sound Bar Vizio who already does great on the TV side of things, has been releases device on the sound side to compliment the great sets we have been buying. The most impressive of those being the 54 inch 5.1 Sound Bar System, it’s latest flagship unit. Serving as the ideal complement to large-size TVs in great rooms or expansive living rooms, the 54” 5.1 solution offers a wider sound stage projecting true, cinematic home theater audio to every seat. This model will also be joined by a 38” 5.1 Sound Bar System, ideal for mid-size TVs, with both offering consumers an immersive true surround sound experience for enhanced music, movies and TV audio. Features like an intuitive LCD display remote allow users to discretely adjust input, enable/disable audio technologies, manually adjust left, right or rear speakers and turn on Bluetooth® pairing for wireless streaming all without leaving the couch.

Vizio 2-1 Sound Stand I got to experience both of these units recently at a hotel suite Vizio had set up for some of the press to check out. The source material was a scene from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows during a chase scene in the woods. I must say these Sound-Bars were amazing! The system comes with the main sound-bar that can be placed under your TV, and also a wireless sub-woofer with two rear satellite speakers. The 54 inch system will cost about $499.99, and the 38 inch system will cost you $279.99.

But while these make great additions to your HDTV entertainment center, sometimes you might need a little something less involved. Vizio has the all-new 2.1 Sound Stand which the ideal solution for amazing sound in any confined space without sacrificing audio quality. It has great audio performance and tremendous bass from the built-in subwoofer, the sound stand work great for TVs up to 55 inch class in traditional media cabinets or smaller rooms. Pricing hasn’t be released yet for this, but it will definitely share the cost value that all of Vizio products share. Will update with pricing once it has been announced. And be on the look out for a review once we get our hands on one!

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