T-Mobile Un-Carrier 6.0: UnRadio & Unlimited Streaming Music


After giving us Test Drives, expanding wideband and also VoLTE, T-Mobile also wants you to enjoy your music whenever you like, as much as you like. This is Un-Carrier 6.0 kicks into gear.

TMO1-1149_Baracuda_ALL_R13_RhapsodyBlade_17-3T-Mobile has teamed up with streaming music company Rhapsody to give T-Mobile customer UnRadio. No ads, unlimited streaming, skip around as much as you want and setup favorites. All this on Rhapsody’s catalog of over 20 million songs. It’s free for Simple Choice customers with unlimited data plans, otherwise its $4 a month for the limited data plan subscribers. Sounds like its worth taking a look if you are a music lover and are currently paying for services at Spotify, Google Music All Access and others. This kicks into gear on June 23rd.

It looks like more carriers are trying to team up with streaming companies to give subscribers either discounts or exclusivity. We seen Sprint team up with Spotify a couple of months back and when Beats Music launched they were giving deals to AT&T customers.


One of the things we see that drives consumers data through the roof can be music streaming. I remember a point where I used Google Music and ran thru my data like crazy(before I got unlimited data). For those that don’t have unlimited data, T-Mobile is making as of right now if you use Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Slacker Radio and Spotify if it won’t hit your data usage. Thus allowing unlimited streaming for all T-Mobile customers. Big move and I wish they had this years back. But any event it is available now to Simple Choice customers. Looks like they are taking votes to add more streaming apps and Google Music All Access is winning in a landslide.

If you want to read more about T-Mobile’s “Music Freedom” you can go HERE