At the E3 conference Sony wowed us with their impressive line up of games that will be available for release in the coming months and early next year. One of those games is Destiny. This is a game that Sony has spoken a lot about and they are confident that this game will be the first in quite possibly a new series of games titled Destiny. Sony believes strongly that this game is going to take the PS4 into another level of next-gen gaming, so much so that they unveiled a beautiful all white PS4 bundle pack to go with the release of this game. Just for when you may not be sure of the game I’m speaking of the trailer is below



This all white PS4 will be part of a bundle pack that will be available on September 9th and with that you get a lot. The Destiny bundle pack will include the game, a 500GB white PS4, a special white and black DualShock 4 controller and a 30-Day PS pass. Of course you’ll pay a little more for the bundle pack but with this sick all-white PS4 that you’re getting I’d say it’s worth it. Wouldn’t you?

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