Samsung Says #DitchTheDSLR on June 4 in NYC and Get Free NX30

Samsung NX30 (2)
Samsung is never to be outdone by any means. When they want something to be known and stick out they don’t play. Whether its building their own experience studio in Soho, theatrics for the Samsung Galaxy S4, or having a London airport terminal named after their latest flagship “The Samsung Galaxy S5 Terminal” they will make sure you never forget stuff. And this is just from their mobile marketing division. Looks like their camera division doesn’t want to be far behind and is running an interesting promotion of their own.

Quite simply its called “Ditch Day” or #DitchTheDSLR. Its name given most likely because it’s during the week on a Wednesday and starts typically when people are going on their lunch breaks. Samsung will be giving you a grand experience in Times Square to showcase their mirrorless cameras such as the NX Mini and the NX30 and letting you test out the devices with some grand old snap shooting. Now the interesting part(and what you maybe most interested in) is that if you bring in a DSLR they can trade-in and get a Samsung NX30. Now it doesn’t state how many will be in quantity which is the kicker. Attendees will also have the chance to receive a $50 rebate towards the purchase of a Samsung NX camera like the new NX Mini, when they pledge to #DitchtheDSLR.

Do You Dare to Ditch the DSLR on June 4th in NYC?

Time/Location: Times Square between 42nd & 43rd Streets across from Nasdaq Marquee from 12-6pm.

Full Terms and Conditions HERE