Microsoft Unveils the Surface Pro 3

With rumors running for the past week or so, everyone was expecting a smaller Surface tablet but we were pleasantly surprised in what we saw. Microsoft invited the G Style team out and we were able to get a look at the next chapter in the Surface line. What they presented to us was the Surface Pro 3. What was most interesting was there wasnt a RT model to be found. Is it they wanted to put full attention on the Surface Pro series or feel that the Surface and Surface 2 RT models are enough and a new one isn’t necessary?

The Surface Pro 3 is a sexy beast I must say. It comes in weighing close to 600g, and its 9.1mm wide. The length is a 12″ ClearType display while the Surface Pro 2 was 10.6″. The Surface Pro 3 does sport a new hinge giving it a nice angle of 150 degrees.

Pricing starts at $799.99 with processing power starting at Core i3 and going up to Core i7. Storage space ranges from 64GB all the way up to 512GB.

Spec List:

Operating System: Windows 8.1 Pro
Display: 12″ ClearType Full HD, 2160 x 1440
Storage: 64-512GB
Pen Input: Surface Pen with 256 levels of pressure sensitivity
Processor: Intel Core i3-i7, 4GB-8GB RAM
Wireless: WIFI 802.11ac/802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
Battery: Up to Nine hours
Camera/AV: 5MP HD 1080p on the front/back, Dolby Audio enhanced stereo speakers
Ports: USB 3.0, MicroSD card reader, Headset Jack, Mini Display/Port, Cover Port, Charging Port

Preorder starts for the Surface Pro 3 starting at midnight tonight and you can sign up for it HERE when it goes LIVE…