Google just added need Glassware to Google Glass. OpenTable, TripIt, and Foursquare has been add to really benefit those who travel a lot. While OpenTable and TripIt are great apps I’m sure, the one I’ve been most waiting for has been Foursquare! You see I’m a heavy Foursquare user and have been for quite a few years now. When I first got Glass back in June of 2013, one of the immediate use cases I thought about for apps was Foursquare. Most times when people asked me what I thought about Glass, I would mention how much better I thought it would be with 3rd party apps like Foursquare. It is actually funny that exactly how I described how I would use Foursquare for Glass is in fact how this app that was just released today work.

Screenshot_2014-05-15-09-56-51 Foursquare for Google Glass again is now available to Glassware. I added it of course once I put on Glass for the day. And it works just as I imagine it would. You can tilt your head up to activate the “okay, glass” screen or tap your touch pad on the side. When you say okay glass, one of the first options you see if check me in, and you be presented with a list of venues based upon you location. I’m assuming if you check in to places in that area regularly, you’ll be presented with that first. You can to tap to select the venue and then tap again to checkin. This works as I imagined, though I wish there was more verbal commands for this. I would love to say “okay glass, check me in”. Then follow up with “venue name, check in here”, to check in to that location. This would be perfect, but this current version and method is a great first start. You can also say “okay glass, find a place”, and it pulls information from Foursquare to show you venues matching your search. A nice touch, which also shows you friends who might have been to this location and some limited information about the venue.

If you are a Foursquare user and Glass owner, you definitely want to add this app. The only issue I have now is that they released it on same day as Foursquare itself released a new app from them more focused on checking in which is Swarm. So while the CEO of Foursquare Dennis Crowley when asked says Swarm all day, it will definitely be a toss up on which one is more convenient.

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