Batman Vs. Superman: First Glimpse at Ben Affleck’s Batman & New Batmobile

Batman Batmobile Zack Synder teaser


Ever since Ben Affleck was announced last year that he would be next to throw on the Batsuit and they were moving on from Christian Bale and the three awesome movies that came with him, everyone has been a bit weary. Alot of folks keep reverting back to Ben Affleck playing as Darkdevil, but we have to remember that was at a time when Marvel was just reinventing itself and hey it was by Fox anyway. In a tweet released by Director Zack Synder he gives us a glimpse at not only Batman but even a tease at the batmobile which looks like is going for the old school look and not the industrial feel we got from the previous installments.

Batman Zack Synder teaser


What do you think of the reintroduction of Batman, the Batmobile and do you think it will be a success for “Batman Vs. Superman”?