AT&T U-Verse Teams with BabyFirst to Launch Interactive Children App


It’s great to see babies be fascinated by colors and shapes and even better when we are trying to help in the development of our kids today. AT&T U-Verse TV and BabyFirst have partnered to give a second screen experience in achieving this goal. It looks to be a nice app to help kids use their imagination and creating art and imagery whether its though shapes, animals, or various other components. Also its good for hands an eye coordination as well.

BabyFirst_Uverse_APP.JPG_201405071425411So how it works is you grab your iPhone or iPad, download the AT&T BabyFirst’s U-verse App and then turn to the BabyFirst channel on your U-Verse TV service. Once you get everything going, there is two sections to BabyFirst.

  • The Activity Room, where children can create their own designs.
  • Coloring Pages, where children can choose from several color and shape choices to get even more creative.

In essence its a different direction to traditional children programming and shows how technology has vasted advanced over the past few years. It allows you to spend more time with your kids and play with them more then just watching TV as done in the past.

The BabyFirst Channel is available in the U-family and U300 packages and above on Channel 310 in Standard Definition. AT&T U-verse TV and High Speed Internet subscribers can access more information on the app by hitting the Go Interactive button on their TV remote and then navigating to the Mobile/Tablet section.

The AT&T BabyFirst’s U-verse App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPad or at