Moto X Selling Contract Free for $299 Til Midnight

Moto X $299 sale

Motorola is at again with another promo sale to help get a nice customized Moto X in hands. Every once in a blue they will throw one out there like they did around xmas time with the Today’s Show help, and this time its geared towards Mother’s Day. If you haven’t checked out our review the Moto X is a smartphone that has mid range specs but holds it own against some of the heavy hitter out there thanks to its impressive processing power, close to Vanilla android UI and 720p display. I imagine they are trying to clear out a decent amount of these as well with the pending event happening on May 13th which will usher in a new Moto device maybe the Moto E or Moto X2 perhaps?

Moto X $299 sale2

Pricing for the Moto X is going right now for $299 for 16GB or 32GB comes in at $324.99. If you want to add a wood back panel it will net you additional $25. If you are looking for Developer Editions the GSM and Verizon models are going for $324.99 each holding 32GB.