Google Glass Available to Buy Now for Public But Today Only

Google Glass Available

One of the biggest devices ever in wearable tech has to go to Google Glass. Since its release of its Explorer program in 2013, everyone has been interested in Glass. How it works, what does it do, and if you actually need one. Google has taken a ton of feedback which states in their blog on G+ and wants to give the opportunity for consumers that haven’t had success going through the wait list or getting invites a fair chance to experience and purchase Glass.

If you are unfamiliar with Glass, its a headset display you wear and are able to see images via a small prism or cube. You can get notifications such as text messages, hangouts, calls, or even do navigation with Google Maps. Attached to it also is a 5MP camera for instant picture taking and does 720p video recording. Mostly everything you do with Glass can be and is usually voice activated. Head tiles can also help achieve things such as seeing the time and so forth.

So what do you get if you purchase Glass?

Google Glass Purchase

Well for the cool hefty price of $1,500(before taxes) and living in the U.S., and being 18 years old,  you get a fresh pair of Google Glass in choices of five colors.

Google Glass Frames
You can get a add on to accompany your pair of Glass such as a pair of shades or if you are a actual glasses wearer like myself you can get a pair of frames in four choices. Included with a pair of Google Glass is a microUSB cable and charger. There are additional accessories you can purchase such as earbuds, carrying cases, and even more chargers if needed.

Are you going to take the plunge and become part of the exclusive Glass community?