T-Mobile Wants to Help Samsung S4 Owners Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S5

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5Today is launch day for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we know there are a lot of eager consumers that either want to A) jump to a new carrier, or B) do upgrades on there account. Problem is depending on who you may have such as AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon you are tied down into a contract and have to pay hefty prices to get the latest from Samsung or really any new phone.

T-Mobile conducted a survey with Samsung Galaxy S4 owners and seeing how interested they were in getting the Galaxy S5.

· 89 percent of the millions of Galaxy S 4 owners plan to step up to the Galaxy S5 – with over 40 percent planning to make the move in the next three months

· 80 percent of Galaxy S 4 consumers are open to switching to a new carrier

· For nearly 2 out of 3 people, the only thing holding them back is fear of punitive early termination fees and other charges

By switching to T-Mobile, customers can enjoy total contract freedom, with T-Mobile paying the early termination fees for that entire family (on up to five lines) to make the Simple Choice and come over to a better wireless experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 with T-Mobile is available now with $0 down and for $27.50/monthly. Otherwise you can pay it off upfront for $660.

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