MediaFire Offering 1TB Cloud Storage for $5, New Users $2.50 Monthly

Today MediaFire announced they are allowing you to get their usual 1TB of cloud storage services half price at $2.50 monthly(regularly $5.00). This is pretty cheap compared to offerings such as Dropbox for 100GBs at $9.99/monthly, Microsoft Drive is $25 for 50GB or Google Drive charging $9.99 for 1TB which isn’t bad in itself. But the ability to pay one-four of that might be ideal for some to jump ship. MediaFire has been around for years and there really hasn’t been any major problems coming from them I have ever seen. Also apps are available for iOS & Android or you can check out their MediaFire Desktop for easier uploading.


  • No file-size upload limits: both free and paid users can upload individual files up to 20 gigs in size (When using native 64 bit browsers such as Firefox).
  • A major update to MediaFire Desktop: Our latest update officially brings MediaFire Desktop out of Beta, squashing bugs and delivering major speed upgrades and stability fixes. To download MediaFire Desktop, visit:
  • Upcoming Native apps for iPad and Android: These will be available over the next few weeks, and will introduce a host of new features, including automatic photo syncing directly from your Android mobile device. (Let me know if you would like early access!)
  • A complete overhaul of our API’s and Developer Resource Portal: Our new API’s enable web developers to quickly integrate MediaFire Storage and file sharing directly into their applications here:

If your interested signup for MediaFire and could save some money.