Amazon Joins Streaming Box Arena with Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has announced today its getting into the media streaming box business with Fire TV. Already doing good in this department is boxes such as Apple TV and Roku going for $99 each. Last summer Google released a media stick called Chromecast that has been doing pretty good for itself selling at a low priced $35. Roku even announced last month it was going to have a streaming stick to competite with Google.

So Amazon’s Fire TV works just like any other streaming box with connections for HDMI and ethernet for hard wired connections. It comes with a remote and can be used to navigate through the menus. So what is supposed to make you want to pick up a Fire TV with already established brands out there?

Amazon Fire TV Voice SearchApparently Fire TV will be running a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Quad Core Processor, Adreno 320 graphics engine and 2GB of memory which will help it speed along your watching abilities faster then ever. Features such as Instant Streaming predicts what you are going to watch and buffers the show so you can get to them ASAP. Also the Fire TV remote control has built-in Voice Search controls so just say the name of the show you want to watch and it brings it right up. Guess going letter to letter to spell a show are over with. All this is going to be brought to you in Dolby Digital 7.1 Sound and 1080p streaming video. One app I noticed missing though is HBO GO. This is a must-have and hope to see Amazon grabs up and supports down the line and soon. If you are a casual gamer, you can use the Amazon Fire Controller(sold separately for $40) and have access to hundreds of games to play on Fire TV. Got kiddies at home and limit there use? Amazon FreeTime allows for parental controls, profiles, and limited viewing.

The most compelling features on Fire TV may have to go to Voice Search, how fast the processor actually goes, and how good the Instant Streaming actually works.

Amazon’s Fire TV is available now for $99.