Tylt Energi 5k+ Battery Pack (1)

Mind you there are various portable battery packs on the market, but there is always something about one that stands out better then others. Last month I toyed around with the Anker 6,000mAh Astro Battery pack which packed a wallop but this Energi 5K+ brings a bit more to the table in regards to functionality. What do I mean when I say that? Read a bit further and see how this battery pack can have you going places.

Build & Design

Picking up the Energi 5K+ from Tylt you can see it has a slim design with it reaching close to 5″ long, it actually sizes up perfectly to the Sony Xperia Z1S. It is thicker then some of your average smartphones such as the iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4, but is still pretty light. So what stands out with the Energi 5k+ is the fact there is a micro USB cable for your Android/Window devices and a lightning cable for your iPhone. If that’s enough a Output port is also on the side which you can connect your own external USB cable too. Use it to perhaps charge another iPhone or smartphone of your choosing.Tylt Energi 5k+ Battery Pack (4)

What I like about the design of the Energi 5k+ is how discreet the cables are. You pull them out when they are needed and then are tucked back away nice and hidden. The fact they are flat cables can help provide durability from rapid usage of the Energi 5k+. On the right side of the battery pack is a light indicator. Press it and the device powers on and will illuminate a green light if fully powered. Yellow will later mean its meeting the halfway mark and of course Red means its time to re-up and charge this bad boy. To charge it you would use the dedicated microUSB port on the back for this. Also it just comes in black with a choice of color strip which can be Red, Blue, or Gray.


Tylt Energi 5k+ Battery Pack (6)Since its such a slim design its easy to slide in and out my bag and even at times throwing in my inside jacket pocket or pants. Usually when I’m charging one device its easier since there is really no bulk and can once again thrown in a bag or sit on my desk with the smartphone on top of it. If you are deciding to go for charging 3 devices at a time, the max power you will get to each is 1 AMP. I tend to use the Energi 5k+ to charge one device at a time and has helped rejuvenate my mobile life with ease.

Do You Need Energi?

Tylt continues to create eye catching mobile accessories where they tend to think out the box. From their bluetooth speakers to their car adapters to their battery packs they all have that little extra you don’t tend to see from other manufacturers. The Energi 5k+ is priced at $89.99 and while may sound a bit pretty for a portable charger, its worth it in the long run as far as durability and dependability.

If you are interested in a bit less power or better yet want to double your efforts there is options in 2k, 3k, and 10k available as well.

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