Customize Your Wrist with Modify Watches [Campaign]

Modify is a 3-year-old, San Francisco-based startup whose vision is to let you put any design, photo or graphic on a watch face. Basically if you can dream it, and have legal rights to it, they can put it on a watch.

Modify has made watches for MailChimp, Google, Nike, Cartoon Network and more. The purpose of this campaign is to allow Modify to produce orders in smaller quantities. So if you want to make one watch with your pets face on it they can do it for you.

After only a few years in business they’re close but can’t do it without your help.

What is a Mod-to-Order?

Mod-to-Order is a cute take on Made-to-Order, allowing you the ability to design the watch of your dreams for yourself or for a group. They make a great idea for wedding favors, family reunions, corporate perks and more.

Modify calls their watches Mods because they are modular: their mix-and-match faces and straps allow you to create any look you want. Mods are affordable and come in 3,000+ colorful combinations. The more pieces you have, the more combinations: 1 face x 1 strap = 1 Mod; 3 faces x 3 straps = 9 Mods!

mod to order-2

How to Help

The current kickstarter campaign let’s you pledge as little as $25 for a ModiFamily Starter Kit where you can choose from a fan-created design with a green and black strap, and $49 for a custom mod-to-order watch with 1 strap plus an additional green strap. They also have a MLB license so your options have opened up.

The campaign is currently ongoing and they have until March 29th to reach their goal and they are almost 1/2 way there. Here’s a rundown on how it will work:

modify watches

Personal Thoughts

I was sent over a couple of their watches in exchange for my opinion and I must say I was impressed. My concern of course is with all the swapping out will the silicone wristband stretch out of shape and not be able to “snap back”?

I’m a tad OCD and constantly swapped out the 3 wristbands with the watch faces and no matter how much I switched them up they always snapped back.

Not sure what I would put on my Mod-to-Order watch but I’m sure wishing them the best of luck in getting their project funded – it’s a pretty neat idea!