Sony Makes Wearables Smarter With SmartBand [MWC 2014]

Sony SmartBand Hand

Originally shown off at CES back in Las Vegas, Sony has provided some more information on its 24/7 wearable device and the things that can be utilized with it.

First off its waterproof(rated IP58) and even with the microUSB port exposed it wont keep you from getting it wet. The way the SmartBand is built, you can either throw it in your pocket or insert it in one of the various vibrant color band to carry it on your wrist. It has a app called “Lifelog” which communicates to your Android device via Bluetooth or NFC and will track everything from how many steps you taken to your sleeping patterns and habits. Whats interesting about the sleep tracking is that it will wake you up when it thinks you have reached optimal sleep. This would be interesting for those that sleep more then they should.

Also the Smartband will keep you alert via vibration for calls, tweets, message and the list goes on. It does say you can use it to go through music tracks as well with its Walkman app. I’d like to see if it can be used with other music apps too.


Sony’s Smartband will be available sometime in March and we will keep you up to date on pricing and availability.