I haven’t had as much experience with Speck as I have had with other case manufacturers, but when they sent me part of their Valentine’s Day collection over for review I was eager to give it a try. Did Speck give me that loving feeling?

Valentines Day CandyShell for iPhone 5/5s

Speck’s patented CandyShell case is now available in a limited edition Valentine’s Day design. Before we get into how pretty it is let’s talk about protection.

The CandyShell has two layers of protection built into one piece. It has been military grade drop tested- Which means you can drop your phone on hard surfaces and your phone will still be intact. *I don’t encourage you going all Johnny Knoxville with it #ijs.

We’ve reviewed several CandyShell cases previously but what makes this one different is the Valentine’s Day design. The case sent over to me for review is the HeartBloom – which is basically the white/raspberry CandyShell decorated with hearts and flowers along the back and along the sides in different shades of pink. Cute case yet not too over the top girly. Which is perfect and nicely priced on their site for $34.95


Valentines Day StyleBook for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Stylebook is covered in vegan leather and is a tough as it is pretty. The outer shell is hard while the inner lining is soft microfiber to help protect against scratches and daily wear and tear.

The case is form-fitting as it replaces the battery cover of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. When in use and the case is open the cover lays flat against the back for convenience.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is pretty big phone, or phablet as the kids say, on it’s own. One of the great things about this case is that it doesn’t add much bulk as it has a very slim profile and is very lightweight and available for $34.95.


Valentines Day SmartShell for MacBook Pro

This is pretty self explanatory this protects your MacBook Pro with a splash of color. I will tell you that it is a two-piece snap on case that’s easy to take on and off and it, fits the last 2008 and newer model MacBook Pro (black keys) and is not compatible with Retina display models) – although there is a Retina version available.

The review unit sent over is in Hot Lips Pink (color haze) and last I checked the site there weren’t too many left. It has been redesigned from the previous version so it’s 30% lighter.

The color choices (Poppy Red, Cabernet Red, Sunrise Pink with glowing edges) are vivid with a crystal-candy finish (Candy Painted MBP Case) with a form fitting hard shell that help protect from the scuffs and scratches the MacBook Pro seems to attract.

The rubberized stops on the bottom and vent slots keep your laptop from overheating. This case is available for $49.95


Valentines Day CandyShell Grip for Samsung Galaxy S4

The CandyShell Grip for Samsung Galaxy S4, (previously reviewed for the iPhone) is textured for texting and selfies! The rubber strips give you a no slip grip while your feverishly texting your friends. The dual layer casing is combined into a single piece and is impact resistant like the rest of the CandyShell line.

The raised edges protect you screen from impact and covers the buttons while keeping them fully accessible and still giving you access to all ports. This case is also available for $34.95

[divider][/divider] All of these cases are available in different colors if the color pink isn’t your or your sweethearts style. In even better news if you hop over to the Speck site now you can get 20% off red, white and pink for Valentine’s Day.

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