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360fly & 360Microfly are the GoPros of 360 Action Cams [CES 2014]


One of the continuing types of media to be used is of course video. Voxx has teamed up with 360EyeSee to provide panoramic video cameras to capture everything around you and never miss a moment. What makes its more interesting is during playback you are able to take that footage and rotate around your surroundings and see what you may have missed to your left, right, or behind.

The 360Fly is mountable and can be positioned in various spots such as on a table, on a helmet for action or even take it underwater for up to 5 meters and weigh 120g.



360MicroFly is a smartphone lens attachment that puts a spin on traditional video offering users the ability to simultaneously record everything around them. 360MicroFly attaches to select smartphones to capture videos that are not only panoramic; they’re also interactive, creating engaging scenes, allowing viewers to control what they want to view. …And they are driven by an easy to use social network software app.

The 360MicroFly is compatible with Android and iOS and footage can be edited as well on the 360 app.

No pricing or release date yet but keep a eye out for more info as well as checking out their website. http://www.360fly.com/

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