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G Style Magazine Xmas Eve Giveaway: Astro Gaming A40 & Skullcandy PLYR 1 *CLOSED*

AstroGaming-A40YellowIt is that time of the year, some people are home putting the final touches on their Xmas trees and other home prep, maybe wrapping presents. And some are out in the trenches doing some last minute shopping. But while you are getting things set, we want to you to take a minute and enter to win one of these cool prizes! Not only will we giveaway a Astro Gaming A40 headset, but also we are going to go ahead and give out our two remaining Skullcandy PLYR 1s as well. So you know the drill by now, but to enter here is what you need to do! So we will be selecting 3 winners from this giveaway!

***And the winners are! rwonron (Skullcandy PLYR 1), Kwallyg (Skullcandy PLYR 1), and Teri London (Astro Gaming A40). Congrats to all the winners and we will be in touch shortly on how to claim your prize!)***


Giveaway Entry Rules:

1. Like us on Facebook. When you do, leave a comment on this post right here with your Facebook name/link. Also let us know what prize you want if selected as winner.

2. In that same comment, tell us on Xmas day after unwrapping the presents and enjoying the family time, what else do you on this day off from work/school?

We’ll pick a winner this Tuesday New Years Eve! :)


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  1. 1st off thank you Gstylemagazine for this december xmas giveaways ~ and for a year providing us tech news and car reviews ! ^^ looking forward to the next year ~
    would love the Skullcandy PLYR 1s ~ always spend holidays with the cousins here as they are my only family but we do hangout with our friends after unwrapping of gifts and what not :)

  2. i like you on facebook as sammy gumer. i would like to win the Skullcandy PLYR 1 headphones. i watched like 10 hours of basketball after spending time with family and unwrapping presents and eating. Best day ever!!!!!

  3. Liked on Facebook as teri London gerald. I just would like a gamer headset lol. After all presents were unwrapped, I cooked dinner and spent the rest of the night playing toys with my daughter & playing beyond two souls with my son. Freaking awesome day :)

  4. My Name is Avdo Kurtovic, https://www.facebook.com/avdo.kurtovic (That’s the Link).

    Astro A40s

    Well I don’t celebrate Christmas(I’m Muslim) but on Christmas day I normally just go on Xbox and try to get some videos to upload to Youtube. I normally just do commentaries, and how to videos. I would love to start doing InGame “Lets Plays” and the Astro A40s would help me with that because they both upper your gaming “skill” and you can record you voice and the others in your game (which Is sweet). But that’s both what I do and why I would love to win the Astros. Thanks for the Chance.

    Heres my Youtube if anyone wants to see what I do! (Don’t have to sub if you don’t enjoy content)


  5. I’m Ibraheem Younes / Link https://www.facebook.com/IbraheemYounes
    It’d be nice to have a good gaming headset like Astro Gaming A40
    also i don’t really celebrate Christmas , Since I’m not Christian . But . on the Christmas eve I had a gaming night with friends , 4 of us gathered in a friend’s house with our laptops , we kept gaming till the morning.

  6. Jeremy Javier https://www.facebook.com/JeremyDaKing

    Christmas is a great opportunity to spend time with loved one such as family & friends! After presents are opened i call other family members & friends to wish them a merry christmas & then go out & make sure that all the gifts i got for others are given to them.

    I Would like to win the Astro headset please & happy holidays to gstylemag!

  7. Keith Greene – https://www.facebook.com/kwallyg

    Skullcandy PLYR 1. After the Christmas presents are unwrapped and everyone is enjoying their presents. I usually walk around and talk to each and every family member to tell them how much I love them and appreciate them as working class individuals, bringing up their children or just staying in touch with me and my family. Family is important and hard to stay in touch. Then when everyone leaves and I’m off work, I open up the Gstyle magazine, put on google+ music and read. Or I might change it up a little by playing the xbox and listening to music. I’m in my own world!!!

  8. https://www.facebook.com/Dorkstar8

    I’d definitely have to pick up the Astro A40’s. If the pro’s use them, why shouldn’t I?

    I used to lounge around and play with the gifts I received. Since becoming a parent I’ve learned it’s more about lounging around and helping them enjoy their gifts. Of course when the kid went to bed we had a few drinks and crashed early. Wrapping gifts late at night sure makes a tiring Christmas day!


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