Spotify Goes Free for All with Spotify Shuffle

Spotify ShuffleBack when Spotify was initially unleashed on the US some time back, we and fellow team members embraced the app with open arms and it was our go-to application for all our music listening. With its offline listening feature there wasnt really any other reason to look elsewhere.. until Google Music All Access emerged earlier this year in the Spring. Google was looking to offer the same options but you would still be able to upload your own music to the cloud and their mobile application was easier to navigate and also offered to be $2 less introductory. Me and fellow Jason ended our Spotify subscriptions and went full blown Google Music since.

Now Spotify has opened their arms to everyone and the application is free to all as long as you use Spotify Shuffle. It can be used for existing playlists which I went right back into and play the same, only I cant pick the song I want and occasionally a ad will come in(screenshot in gallery). Ads are reminiscent of Pandora but you may have more choice of content on here then Pandora. Also you only get six skips a hour, so no jumping around. I actually missed my playlists on here as I had some crazy setups on here and I like to shuffle through them most of the time so this feature isn’t bad.

If you are tired of your own playlists you can shuffle a artist’s entire calatog and go from there or if looking for something new Spotify will offer suggestions of different playlists to partake in.

A big addition is like its Desktop version, now on iPads and Android tablets you have free reigns to pick whatever song, playlist, right on the spot, no ads.

Besides this the Spotify has opened to over 55 countries and also added Led Zepplin exclusively to their music catalog portfolio.

With Spotify free and you able to use your created playlists do you see yourself running back or is a little too late?