AstroGaming-A40Yellow Okay we got one down and 3 more to go! Astro Gaming will be letting us giveaway 4 of these sweet A40 gaming headsets and now we are on number two! If you love gaming and especially if you do it for tournaments, then you must be familiar with Astro Gaming. When it comes to gaming headsets, Astro Gaming is a premium affair.

***And the winner is Dezarae Duran! Congrats on your win. We will be in touch with you shortly on how to claim your prize!***

So let’s take your gaming experience premium! Here is what you have to do to enter this second giveaway. The winner will be picked on Monday December 16th!


Giveaway Entry Rules:

1. Like us on Facebook. When you do, leave a comment on this post with your Facebook name/link.

2. In that same comment, let’s flip it. Last week you told us what you were hoping you got this year for Xmas. So this week tell ya what you don’t want or hope no one gets you this year! lol


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