Samsung giving $50 Google Play Credit to U.S. Galaxy Note 3 owners

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (1)

If you happen to be a happy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owner in the United States, Samsung is giving the opportunity to get a $50 credit for the Google Play Credit. Its a interesting offer as Samsung has been doing other promos for registering your other devices such as the Note 10.1 2014 Edition and so on which you can go to HERE

So for you get this lovely $50 Google Play Credit all you have to do is go to the promo page, make sure you have your IMEI number which can be either located on your Note 3 in the settings or grab the box if you have it laying around. Once all this is done you should be getting a nice email with a code redeeming your prize.


What will you spend $50 in Google Play Credit on?

*Update* Apparently Samsung underestimated the influx of sign ups they would get for this offer and has since been pulled leaving this message…

Thank you for your interest in Samsung’s Google Play™ promotion, due to the high level of interest in this promotion we have exhausted our supply of Google Play credits. This offer started 11/5/13 and has now ended under the terms due to exhaustion of supply.

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