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Google Winter Wonderlab Pop Up Shop Features Gadgets & Interactive Snow Globe

Google Winter WonderLab (6)

This year Google is getting into the holiday season and decided to build a pop up shop right in the heart of Bryant Park. Now this isn’t just any old pop up shop as its furnace with the new Nexus 5 smartphone, HP Chromebook 11 and also the Nexus 7. Walking around inside the pop up shop their are different kiosks showing off the functions of the Nexus whether its video, gaming or web browsing. Checking out the Chromebook 11, you’re able to get some hands-on with the device and even make orders of some of the products inside the pop up shop as they aren’t actually selling any products on hand there. Unfortunately you cant get your mittens on Google Glass, maybe next time.

A fun feature the kids(and yourself) will get a kick out of is the huge walk-in snow globe. Once you’re inside a camera rotates around in 1 sec and creates this slow mo 20 second video with some artificial snow as well. I did it myself with friends and its pretty awesome. There are other pop up shops in locations such as D.C., Chicago, L.A., NJ, and Sacramento.

Google’s Winter WonderLab is a fun setup for the family especially if your coming from the skating rink right outside and also getting some time with Google’s latest in technology. It opened as of this past Saturday and looks to be up until late into the Christmas holiday. So definitely go check it out so you can make videos like below.

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