Tons of great gadgets this year that I’ve either purchases, reviewed, or played with. One of those that I’m most thankful for is my Fitbit devices. I started off with the Fitbit Flex wrist tracker and the Fitbit Aria WiFi scale, and now have a Fitbit Force that has replaced my Flex. Back during June I start a weight loss journey to lose a lot of weight. I can say from June to September I lost some 31 pounds, and my Fitbit though coming in towards the middle of my challenge has help me with data.

I use my assortment of Fitbit devices is a collective way. With the Fitbit Flex (not Force), I get some great data on the amount of steps I take, the distance I travel, calories burned, and active minutes I had during the day. I take this data and link it with another sites/application called MyFitnessPal. I use MyFitnessPal to input all of the food I eat on a day-to-day basis. Then where Fitbit comes in, since it is linked to this FitnessPal account, as I walk and burn calories it syncs this information and I can see how many calories I can eat during the course of the day. This has been estimate and gauge if I’m on track for my targets for the day. The Fitbit trackers also allow me to think about more places I can walk instead of getting on a bus or train. With the Fitbit, I think of it as a game and like to beat my previous day score or than score of the friends I have on the service with me.

FitbitAriaNow with the Fitbit Aria, this come into place a little bit different. I use the Aria to get my weight and body fat percentage. It then syncs up to the Fitbit online account as well, which in turn syncs to my FitnessPal account. So now whenever I step on the scale, I no longer have to manually enter my weight anywhere as it is all done automatically and wireless. This means one less admin task I need to do and I can just focus on walking and working out.

I love the Fitbit Force especially not that it has taken the goodness of the Fitbit One and the Flex and put them together. I can not track steps, distance, calories, stairs/floors climbed (couldn’t do this with the Flex), sleep, and be able to see the stats from the device itself. No longer do I have to wait until I sync with the app to see what I did or where I’m at. The Fitbit family has help me track the data and see where I’m succeeding and failing right then and there, unless of down the road. This allows me to course correct as I go long and ensures I stay on track.

The Fitbit Force can be purchase for $129, the Flex for $99, and the Aria for $129 at various retailers! Now all I need is for Fitbit to get aggressive in the Android devices they support beyond just Samsung!

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