T-Mobile Will Carry the Nexus 5 for the Holiday Season

Google Nexus 5 T-Mobile

Word has just got out about the Nexus 5 by Google and LG being released today and T-Mobile has come out to say they will be having it on our network. As of right now they are just talking about having it fulfill your holiday wish list which means they could be prepping to start orders on it tomorrow or possibly next week. It be interesting to see the pricing T-Mobile will have for it with the Simple Choice Plan and also with their upgrade program JUMP!. At least T-Mobile customers wont have to worry about long contracts, overages, and using that lovely 4G LTE network.

Powered by the latest and most advanced Android™ 4.4 OS – Kit Kat® – Nexus 5 is built to deliver a pure Android experience with a stunning, lightweight design, powerful 2.26GHz quad-core processor and LTE capabilities to keep people connected and multitasking while on the go. The vibrant 5-inch full HD display and advanced 8MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization deliver crisp and more true-to-life colors for all mobile entertainment, gaming, photo and video activities.

As for now you can register to get updates for the Nexus 5 for T-Mobile HERE.