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Lenovo presents a Betterway to Multitask with the Yoga Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet_2Yesterday evening we were invited by Lenovo to see what their next innovation in technology would be and they showcased their newest device dubbed the “Yoga Tablet”. Taking cues from their Yoga IdeaPad Ultrabook they released last holiday season, it has a kickstand that can be set up in three configurations. These would be Stand, Hold, and Tilt Mode. Stand could be for viewing movies, Hold for reading magazines/ebooks and Tilt for browsing the web or even typing.

Getting some hands-on with the YogaPad it resembled the Sony Xperia S Tablet for the added grip and of the Microsoft Surface of course because of the kickstand. Testing out the different modes I could see how it would work depending on what your doing and holding it in a upright position works based on how light the device is. Navigating through the Yoga Tablet the OS is pretty speedy(remains to be seen once more is added) and the display looks nice but feels could be a bit brighter and sharper.

Yoga Tablet with Magazine

To get a better feel for the Yoga Tablet check the specs and images below:


Processor: MT8125 Quad Core 1.2GHz Yoga Tablet 10: MT8125 Quad Core 1.2GHz
Operating System: Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean
Display/Resolution:: HD display (1280×800) with multitouch & 170 degree view angle
Storage/Memory: 1GB of RAM and 16/32GB Internal storage(expand to 64GB w/ MicroSD)
Sound: Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby® Digital Plus
Ports:: Micro USB, micro SD slot, 3.5 millimeter audio jack, micro SIM slot (3G only supported in select regions)
Wireless: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, BlueTooth 4.0*
Camera: 5M rear camera, 1.6M HD front camera
Battery: Li-Ion 6000 mAh / 9000 mAh
Weight: .88 pounds (401 grams) / 1.33 pounds (65 grams)



The Lenovo YogaPad Tablet is available now via their website or exclusively at electronic retailers such as BestBuy, Newegg, and Amazon for $249.99 and $299.99.

Also available is The Lenovo Yoga 10 Bluetooth Keyboard Cover which is $69.99 and Protective Cover for $29.99.


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Jason Million is Deputy Editor In Chief. Jason currently uses a OnePlus 8 Pro with T-Mobile among other gadgets. Hailing from the streets of NYC, always trying to have a blast or catch a bite to eat. Enjoying technology to the fullest. Any other questions hit him up.


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