Tracks AIR from SOL REPUBLIC & Motorola Bringing You Wireless & Dual Features


After working with Motorola on their first bluetooth portable speaker called the DECK a few months back, they are teaming up once again to bring wireless bluetooth capabilities to a new line of headphones called Tracks AIR. If there is one thing music lovers would enjoy getting rid of is wires. But usually there is compromise where the sound quality may not be as great and battery life. SOL REPUBLIC & Motorola state these are going to be running their A2 Sound Engine to combat both sound and utilizing low power with Bluetooth. With his low power usage they are supposed to last up to 15 hours on one single charge.

Other great feature is Dual Device connectivity which allows you to connect to your smartphone and even your tablet at the same time. Watching a movie on the tablet and your phone rings you can go right to that. Once that’s done it will sync back to your tablet. I’d be impressed to see how well that works. Also it’s boasting to have a 150 ft range via bluetooth so you can go to the kitchen while your phone is in the bedroom, be at the gym and leave it in the bag, etc.

It will be interested to see how well these work and we will get a opportunity to do so with a release November 2013 for $199 in three colors.

Keep an eye out here as you know we will have a review for you guys showing off the newest with SOL REPUBLIC.

In the meanwhile check the photos and presser link below:

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Press Info

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