griptape_01I’m sure many of you out there have the iPhone 5S now and you’re probably trying to find the perfect case to protect your expensive investment. As you know, there are tons and tons of cases you can choose from now for the iPhone 5S because not only are manufactures making new cases for it, but all the old iPhone 5 cases work on it as well. While some of you can wait a bit to find a case, others just pick one up at the Apple Store with the purchase of their new iPhone. One brand you’ll see there is TAVIK. Apple is usually pretty selective with what accessories get sold at the Apple Store so if there, it must be good, right?

If you don’t know, TAVIK is a lifestyle brand that caters to beach culture. It’s no wonder that their accessories are designed to be different and stylish. With that said, I decided to find out how great these cases were and had the good folks at TAVIK send me one of their Grip Tape Staple cases for the iPhone 5/5S. This is a simple snap on hard shell case but with one very unique feature. It has an exterior finish the mimics that of a skateboards grip tape.


At first glance, the TAVIK Grip Tape Staple just seems like a regular old hard shell snap on case that I’ve looked at numerous times before. You’d be correct to some degree. It’s not until you get a closer look that you start seeing the little details that make this better than your average snap on case.

griptape_02This is an ultra slim case that is made from high density polycarbonate. It is very rigid and doesn’t seem flimsy at all. It provides good protection for the rear, corners, and the left and right side of the iPhone. It however does not cover the top and bottom screen edges which isn’t surprising at all with snap on cases. What’s awesome here is that TAVIK saw fit to includes a premium EVA liner on the inside to help cushion and protect your iPhone from scratches. This is something not seen with many hard shell cases.

The main design feature however that sets this case apart from others I’ve seen is the unique textural finish they have used for it. The exterior mimics the look and feel of actual grip tape, the same kind of grip tape you would use one a skateboard. It even comes in the same shade of grey. The Grip Tape Staple has a very rough feel to it and might not appeal to some, but I have to say, this is one of the grippiest surfaces I have ever used on an iPhone case. You are guaranteed never to have your iPhone 5 slip out of your hands and drop to the ground. The finish on it also doesn’t seem like it will wear out any time soon but only time will tell how long it will last for.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an ultra slim case with plenty of grip and style that will match your active, outdoor lifestyle, you may want to give the TAVIK Grip Tape Staple case a look. It has a very rugged feel to it thanks in part to its unique surface texture and I think it’s one of those things where when people see it, they will want to ask you about it.

You can pick up your very own TAVIK Grip Tape Staple case here on TAVIK’s official website. There is only one color available, asphalt grey, and will cost you $34.95. You can also pick it up at the Apple Store.

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