Xbox One Invitation

Microsoft has just released its latest ad which is inviting you into the gameplay and trying to get you fully immersed into what your doing. They could be relating this to gameplay, graphics, or other dynamics. Its a different ad of what we been use to seeing from Xbox lately as they have been pushing more towards the entertainment aspects of the Xbox One such as Kinect, Netflix, Hulu, NFL subscriptions and so on. But I think in the end these gaming companies have to release these are gaming systems and thats what there core audience is. Me personally thats all I really like to do on my systems. Its good to have the add-ons when they’re available but I just want to zone out into a good game.

The Xbox One Ad titled “Invitation” mostly showcases Xbox One games Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Fifa 14, Forza, Ryse and others.

Are you ready for November 22, 2013?

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