There are iPhone cases and then there are iPhone cases. I’ve pretty much seen almost every type of iPhone 5/5S case out there so it takes a lot to really surprise me in the world of iPhone protection. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Case in point the new IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case for the iPhone 5/5S. This is the first case that I can remember that offers “Swiss Army” like functionality. No longer will you need to carry around separate tools because now they will be with you at all times, or at least with you as long as you have your phone on you. If you’re anything like me, you have your phone on you all the time.


in1_01The IN1 case is made from hard polycarbonate. If you’re going to make a super protective case, that surely is the material you would use. This isn’t a thin case either. The polycarbonate here feels thick and rigid and there’s barely any flex in the casing either. Because this is a very hard case, this case is of the slider type in which the case is made up of two parts. The iPhone 5/5S slides into the main body of the case, after which an end cap is then installed to completely encase the rest of your device. Many battery cases use this method as well.

The case I received is colored in flat black with green tool tip colors. I’m glad they did not go with adding a soft touch rubberized coating to the case as I usually dislike the coating because it tends to turn sticky as it ages. The IN1 case feels like it is just raw polycarbonate, but it looks very smooth and has a cool touch in your hands.

The interior of the case is lined with felt in order to keep the rear of your iPhone 5/5S from getting scratched up while in the case. This is a very thoughtful touch. Note that there is a clear version of the IN1 case and that one does not feature a felt lined interior. Only the black and white models have this feature.

Once you have both portions of the case installed on your iPhone 5/5S, you’ll find that the case itself is quite solid. You will get very good corner and rear protection as well as left and right edge protection. Top and bottom edges here are exposed however along with the portion just above the mute switch and volume buttons. This does enable to access all the buttons, ports, and switches easier and there of course is a cutout for the rear camera and flash.

When you flip over the case, you’ll find these little colored bits around two edges of the case. These are the built in multi-tools that make the IN1 case special. There are 8 tools in total along with a built in stand on the back which allows you to prop up your iPhone 5/5S in landscape mode for video viewing. To remove the tools, just pull them out using your fingernail and the grooved portion of the colored end. Many of these tools will look familiar to “Swiss Army” pocket knife users. Each tool is made of metal, except for the toothpick one, and the are all of good quality. Below is a list of what you’ll get.

Tools Included:

  • blue pen
  • red pen
  • phillips screwdriver
  • flat-head screwdriver
  • kickstand
  • nail file
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • toothpick


Most of the tools are quite handy, although the red and blue pens are a bit too small to really be all that useful. Also, not entirely too sure how you would refill these once thy run out of ink.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a case that does more than just protect, the IN1Multi-Tool Utility Case for iPhone 5/5S is the perfect case for you. It does everything you want a protective case to do while offering up some very useful tools, especially the tiny scissors, the screwdrivers, and the tweezers.

The IN1 Multi-Tool Utility Case for the iPhone 5/5S is available now from IN1 Case here. It comes in three different case colors (white, clear, and black) and six different tool colors (white, black, blue, green, orange, and pink). All cases retail for $44.95.

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