T-Mobile unleashes Nationwide 4G LTE & Unlimited Data Worldwide with help of Shakira

T-Mobile Un-carrier 3.0 Event in Bryant Park

Once again T-Mobile continues to flip the mobile industry upset down. Announced on Wedsnday evening in New York City’s Bryant Park, T-Mobile unleashed their Simple Global plan. Essentially its a $10 add-on to your existing phone plan you already have. With this add-on you get unlimited text and data in over 100 countries and $0.20 for voice calls in those roaming countries. To push this out even further Nationwide 4G LTE was also announced to the world. The Simple Global plan kicks into high gear on October 31st which is less then a few weeks away.

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 3.0 info

The smart move by T-Mobile was enlisting the services of Grammy award winning Shakira. They will now both be collaborating to help push the T-Mobile market all across the world as a long term commitment.

T-Mobile gave back to over 1,000 T-Mobile customers and allowed to not just hear the announcment but also to see latin pop sensation Shakira. But before she came out, there was a surprise guest by hip hop DJ, rapper, producer Swizz Beatz.

Swizz Beatz got the crowd going performing alot of older tracks not even to do with hip hop but music in general. He gave a decent 30 min set but introducing the main event of the evening. Shakira had the crowd going nuts opening with “Whenever, Wherever”, “Underneath Your Clothes”, “She Wolf” and others.

Shakira & her dancers
T-Mobile has really stepped their game up in 2013, going from a company that was almost bought out by AT&T a little over a year ago to one that while is still in fourth place is looking to itch up higher in the rankings and making the other wireless providers take heed and change up their strategies, even in some cases looking to play catch up.