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I think I’ve had my eye on the 2014 Impala since I first made eye contact with it back at the 2013 Auto show. Among the other Chevy cars, something about the Impala just blurred my attention else where to the background and made it the focal point. Those curves, those defining lines didn’t say full size sedan aka the family car, but looked sexy like we could have a great night on the town. I blinked and the Impala was gone, lost in a sea of other journalists snapping pictures and talking around it. I knew we’d have our time, and I get my chance to know the Impala better…


20130915_095830_929_1 Always the first thing I look for when I place my eyes on an automobile, and for sure the Impala has it. My loaner for the week came in Red Rock Metallic. It is always funny how I get sent cars that come in red, which is a color I’m not all that fond of, but end up loving the way they look in it. The Impala was no different. In Red Rock Metallic, the Impala looked amazing! It is a subtle color, so it has charm and elegance.

Then there is the front, that beautiful front. Not too aggressive, but you know it means business when you see it. If you see the 2014 Impala from behind you in your rear-view mirror, your instantly trying to figure out what it is. This very thing happened to me during a Chevy Volt ride event. One of the cars that followed us was a Impala in Silver Ice Metallic. I spotted from my mirror and quickly converted my attention towards it. Now those defining lines continue toward the back of the car traveling along the sides. The Impala looks just as good from the side as it does from the front. I’m not too fond of the back, as that seems normal/plain to me, but it won’t knock the overall feel of the car.

Then we get to the inside, just a nicely done as the outside, the Impala comforts with nice ambient lighting that travels along the front dashboard to the sides of the doors. Nice leather seating (if you select that option and I suggest you do), and plenty of leg room. Inside and out, the 2014 Chevy Impala is on the right style direction. It’s captivating me when years before I wouldn’t have even paid attention.


20130915_100258_985_1 I’ve review quite a few Chevy vehicles so at this point I don’t have to dive to in-depth into the tech area. The Impala hits the checklist I have when it comes to driving cars now a days. You want to connect up your phone and make calls and/or streaming music, your covered. There is navigation and satellite radio aboard as well. Duel climate control and powered windows/doors/locks are also accounted for.

The UI for Chevy’s infotainment centers are pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. If you have been in a Chevy car before, you should have no problem here. Or if you haven’t, the learning curve is rather short, you’ll do fine!


20130915_100359_704_1 The Impala has always been a nice enjoyable ride when you got in and going. This has never changed. Quite honestly it was just the way the car look that didn’t seat while with me. It wasn’t something I really want to be seen driving around time. Now inside and out, the 2014 Chevy Impala is quite the looker. I would definitely want to drive around with it, and make a night affair with it. It looks chic from the front, which makes your approach look quite stunning!

The Impala is both good on acceleration and smooth during the ride. I was quite comfortable, and feel I would be even on extended trips. Plus as a full size sedan, you have plenty of room for the family with some decent size storage space as well. The 2014 Impala is just one of those all around good purchase options that would fit many types.

Wrap Up

Starting at $26,860 minus other additional fees, the Chevy Impala is a good choice I can see for those who might have a family, but not really want to always drive around in something easily identified as “the family car”. On nights out with the misses and the kids away, this will get the job done. The will be just a chic as you will be on a night out on the town.

[Pictures Taken Via Google Glass]