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Auris Skye Turns Your Dock into an AirPlay Receiver

Auris Skye
With all the phone manufacturers trying to outdo themselves and each other by adding the latest and greatest technology it’s harder to stay committed to just one brand let alone just one operating system. Luckily, accessory manufacturers know this and have made their products with multiple compatibilities.

Thus far the downside to basically all Bluetooth Receivers are the limited range and the inability to stream music through walls. The Auris Skye is a welcomed alternative. It’s a WiFi music receiver that allows you to wirelessly stream music using AirPlay or DLNA via your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone or iTunes and more by turning any dock into an AirPlay receiver.

We’ve spent nearly a year perfecting this technology in order to eliminate the problems often encountered with the current music receivers on the market such as pairing issues, low operation range, poor sound quality and limited compatibility with popular docks,” says Jay Shah, Founder & CEO of Auris, Inc. “The simplicity behind a product that delivers such incredible results is our greatest accomplishment. It’s a real game-changer!

The Auris Skye also allows you to stream music to multiple docks one at a time or stream simultaneously with iTunes on a Mac or PC. The Auris Skye has been tested with several docks now on the market Click Here for a list of music docks tested for compatibility. Check out the video below to see Auris Skye in action.

Auris Skye has met it’s funding goal on Kickstarter, but you can still pledge now for the next 22 days. Delivery is expected in December – Just in time for the holidays!

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  1. Yes…wait YES I want this, this is what Nerd Heaven sounds like. I love this, Siri just asked when I’m getting this…AND my birthday is in Dec…this has to be a sign, lol.


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